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from the BROKEN album.



ME - I am a singer songwriter born in Adelaide but have lived on the Central Coast for over 30 Years!  I have supported a lot of Australia's artists like Pete Murray, Kasey Chambers, Marcia Hines and Diesel (to name drop).


BROKEN - This is my 5th Album and I decided to do everything, all the instruments, and record it at my home as I was healing from several injuries - broken foot (a horse trod on it in Tamworth during the time of the CMF).  Hence why the album is called BROKEN. It has taken over 6 months to do.  This is a Roots album full of all sorts of genres.


REBEL - I was living with a guy who employed me as an arborist for a few years. I needed a place to stay for a while so he welcomed me into his home. I worked for him and it felt like his slave! One day I wanted to cook a stew but when I looked at his pots and pans I couldn't use them! They were putrid! So his answer was for me to clean them if I wanted to use them. I did nothing of the sort I put them in a box and put a Salvos sign on it and told him to buy new ones! So this is how this hillbilly song came about!