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from the LET ME IN album.



Melbourne’s soulful, alt country troubadour RICK HART is thrilled to announce the release of his latest single "Little Pieces", a duet with his wife, the amazingly talented VANESSA HART. The single is from Rick's latest album "Let Me In".
"Little Pieces" was the last song written and recorded for his "Let Me In" album and perfectly captures Hart's love for heart-wrenching, traditional country tinged melancholy. A stripped back tale of all the little reminders of lost love, in keeping with those heartfelt duets brought to us by the likes of George Jones and Tammy Wynette.

Following on from the album's previously well received singles ("To The Grave", "Sweet Emmylou"), the song further cements Hart's reputation for delivering songs that remain true to country traditions and storytelling, and his own throwback influences.

Of "Little Pieces" Hart says, "I had actually finished recording all the songs for the album, but always felt there was something missing. I wanted to include a song which showcased the amazing voice of the lady that has stood by me since the start, and every step of the way. I felt the world needed to hear her amazing voice, not just as my backing singer, but out front and up in lights."  The songwriter went home and wrote "Little Pieces", knowing then that the album was complete. 

The stark, minimalist nature of the song's production was exactly what Hart was searching for and worked closely with good friend and long-time producer Michael Zammit to make sure this was captured. Vocals, acoustic guitars, piano and pedal steel (played by Brendan Mitchell) are all that make up this heart-wrenching tale of lost love.  

The video for the song was shot during his 2018 trip to the Tamworth Country Music Festival, on location in Australia's country music capital. Directed by Hart's good friend Michael Carpenter (who also directed the video for Hart's previous "To The Grave" single). Carpenter perfectly captures the reflective nature of the song and its story.