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from the SINGLE album.


“Soon after being shown three chords on a guitar, under a Gwydir River Bridge (3am drunk singalong) I started writing songs.

Just love it. I’m still just a plunket but I know no better thrill than the sound of my songs lifted to a higher level by incredibly talented musos at wonderful recording studios.

A good mate, business client and retired “country” disc jockey by the name of Ronnie Kelly said to me, “Ron, you need to write a song about a wool barge”. I said, “What’s a wool barge”? Ronnie (from the Gnenbah /Muriwari tribes) advised me he and his friends would swim in the Darling River at Brewarrina as kids. “The Wandering Jew” wool barge (built in 1865) had been moored there but had sunk to the bottom and was in a state of decay. The kids would dive into the river to recover souvenirs, old knives, forks and remnants of the old paddle wheel wool barge. I researched a lot and the rest was hypothesis and imagination. The song paints the picture.”  -Ron Buckpitt.