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We're still here

from the album.

‘We’re Still Here’ is the first single from Tom Curtain’s highly anticipated fourth studio album, co-written and produced by Garth Porter, and due to be released later this year.

Tom had toured through drought-stricken western Queensland only weeks before the devastating 2019 floods. As he drove home to the Northern Territory following the floods, Tom was overcome by the death and destruction which lay in the now lush, green Queensland pastures as far as the eye could see.

Moved by the devastating floods, fires and droughts that continue to cripple rural Australia, Tom was inspired to put pen to paper to commemorate the resilience of farming families and their communities, particularly in times of adversity.

Tom teamed-up with Garth Porter to write ‘We’re Still Here’, a salute to rural Australia and the uncanny ability of rural communities to pull together, rebuild and move forward despite ongoing challenges, natural disasters and isolation.