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Let Music Give You Wings

from the Let Music Give You Wings album.


This beautifully uplifting new song was co-written by the very talented Drew McAlister and Kel-Anne Brandt.

“We wrote this song quite a few years ago with my daughter in mind. At the time she was looking for Mr Right. She had been on a roller coaster ride of relationships and was beginning to think that she would never find the right one. She is a beautiful girl & a beautiful singer and she has always loved music so much and because of this I went to Drew & asked him to help me write this song for her, to remind her that no matter what, she had an inner strength & Music would always be there to help lift her up & so would I. Drew is an amazing songwriter, this is the 2nd song that I have written with him, he is so easy to work with. May Music always give you Wings.” Kel-Anne x

Kel-Anne’s album ‘Let Music Give You Wings’ covers many genres. It is a collection of truly classic songs, that are treated with the utmost respect that they deserve, with a few handpicked newbies in the mix.