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Blood To Bone

from the Blood To Bone album.

Blood To Bone (Gary Lowe) 

Starting in Melbourne’s thriving music community, then moving to Perth in the late 80's, which saw Gary playing in the vibrant pub scene in WA. Since the early days, He’s toured overseas and all over Western Australia.The next step in his 30+ year musical journey is a solo project, covering themes of inner darkness, emptiness, isolation and the hunger and desire to find external fulfilment and ‘strike gold’

Inspired by the goldrush of 1850’s Australia, the metaphor can be likened to the pursuit of any dream or goal, which can turn a man from passionate and motivated, to crazed and addicted.

The album is a sonic mix of brooding and swampy guitar tones, mixed with uplifting vocal hooks and melodies, drawing inspiration from the likes of Tom Petty, Nick Cave and Johnny Cash, while maintaining a modern likeness to contemporary country artists like The Sadie’s while still remaining a totally unique and gripping, emotive listening experience for fans of every generation.