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Feels So Good

from the Erosion album.

Emma Jene – Feels So Good

Spreading positive messages continues to be the driving force behind Shoalhaven singer-songwriter Emma Jene’s music career.

Emma Jene has poured her heart and soul into her first two releases and is now preparing to release her third album later in 2019. Emma has covered issues including bullying, a topic that is particularly close to her heart, as she left school in Year 8 and started travelling and doing gigs then opened her own business as a singing teacher, finishing school via correspondence. She has also honoured a young girl’s life in a song about suicide.

The title track off her upcoming album, Erosion, was written about the dementia journey.

The first single off the album, though, Feels So Good, deals with mental health issues.

With a focus on spreading strong messages through her songs, Emma’s ambition is to help people through her music.