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Outback Graves

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Lee Forster and Paul Prickett - Outback Graves

Outback Grave Markers is a not for profit organisation who mark the graves of Australia’s Pioneers.   They have installed nearly 600 plaques.

I went on a trip with “Outback Graves”, Trevor Tough and Major Paul Prickett CSM to the Kimberley where Aboriginal Ex-Soldiers were awarded Army Service medals.  During this trip we visited graves that had been marked, and also marked some.  When paying respects to those graves we pondered what really lay beneath the “Red Dust’.   As we drove along Paul wrote a poem about this visit.   We decided it needed a tune and chorus and the “Outback Graves’ song was born.  Paul has done the reciting on this song.   If you get chance, please check out  You’ll find yourself immersed in real stories from our Pioneers.