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How Can I Turn Away

from the For The Grace Of God album.

Niki Vella-Poer - How Can I Turn Away

How Can I Turn Away is a self-penned single from Niki Vella-Power’s 11 track Gospel Album, For the Grace of God.  All tracks are originals, recorded locally John Quin, from Sunnyside Studios, with whom she also recorded two prior albums. 

After Niki's two country Albums, Niki thought it was time to record some of her many original Gospel songs.  Most of the songs on the Album were written to be performed at country music festivals and in those performances all received awards.

 While always having input into the arrangements on the album, Niki felt especially free and confident with this album.  “There is no striving to please others in this album, but I tried to create what I felt was the destiny of each song.”  This means you will hear some instruments such as a peaceful cello introduction and simple arrangements where less is more.   The songs are deeply thought provoking, taking the listener from a place of honest reflection and question to unshakable faith.