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Creeping Shifting Sand

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Following the success of his multi award winning album 'What Country's All About', 2018 Golden Guitar finalist Dale Duncan has  just release a new single titled 'CREEPING, SHIFTING SAND'. Earlier this year Dale decided to ease back on touring and recording to spend more time with his family - but couldn't resist recording this beauty.

'CREEPING, SHIFTING SAND' was written by Russ Bellette who captures a beautiful love story of a man, his wife and the land. A story of a young couple working hard on their piece of land to create a future but having to continuously fight the harsh Australian elements that in the end broke their spirit. The story goes on to tell us that although the land became useless and baron it could not be sold because of the memories the two had created together.

Likewise today, many farmers around our country are third generation farmers who are fighting this dreadful drought and the bush fires and the other harsh elements of this land but can't come to selling their farms because of the many memories they've created.