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Living On The Coastline

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Neil Anthony – Living on the Coastline

CRS welcomes back Neil Anthony with his just released new original song titled ‘Living on the Coastline’. Neil has been a regular with CRS and his previous tracks have charted.

Recommended for country and popular music presenters – put a smile on your dial with this track!

This new song, in Neil Anthony’s usual polished style, is a bright and breezy friendly tune. It’s a bit quirky, with warm back up harmonies and features Dave Marett on lead guitar.

“Most of us Aussies live and love on the thin green line that runs around the coast of our big dry island so why not have a song about it” says Neil. Many that live on farms and in rural towns enjoy a holiday by the sea and should get a kick out of Neil’s song.

“Living here on the coastline, living here where the living is fine…even when that sun don’t shine”.

Neil Anthony is a proven songwriter and recording artist with a catchy style and numerous albums under his belt. Neil’s songs cover many topics from love to politics and sometimes less serious moments. His ANZAC Day song, his Christmas songs and through to his ‘Peanut Butter on Toast’ song show great song writing breadth. He crosses over country and pop genres. And, his tracks tick all the boxes for music and sound production. This song is radio friendly for mainstream.