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Boots Beside The Bed

from the Before I Met You album.

Boots Beside The Bed – Watling & Bates

“It was a lifetime, in such a short time”

Boots Beside The Bed tells of love that does not endure, of the difficult decision to cut your losses and leave.

The song, from Watling & Bates’ 2014 debut EP Before I Met You, earned writer Kym Watling a nomination for the Rudy Brandsma Award for excellence in song writing in the Australian Songwiters Association’s 2019 National Songwriting Competition. It was recorded by Brett Hamlyn and features Marcus Schintler on drums.

Watling & Bates are raconteurs of contemporary rural Australia and revivalists of the country’s past. They live amongst the mountains of the western edge of the Northern Rivers of NSW, and their unique brand of oldtime Gothic hillbilly honkytonk can be heard from city streets to country halls.