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"Remixed" - Changed My Life

from the New Sun Rising album.

LA Thompson “Re-Mixed” Changed My Life

“Re-Mixed” Changed My Life has a powerful message that many people will relate to. Although the words are serious the instrumental backing is quite light and breezy.

LA’s voice brings warmth to her songs.

The first of 21 tracks this song is a reflection on an event/s in her life that affected every part of her being. Passion for music and life has inspired her to share in song and help herself and others to be the best versions of themselves we can.

Life throws many curveballs at us and taking the time to reflect on where we are in the world today is part of what this song portrays.

LA shares a little insight into what brought her to the present moment and where she comes from.

"Life is constant change! The laws of universal attraction govern our world and this song is a story reflecting on life changing events".