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Just Don't Mention Christmas

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Kevin Sullivan – Just Don’t Mention Christmas

 “I don’t consider myself someone who writes political messages, but I do think it’s important that we don't lose the spirit, magic and joy of Christmas,” he says.

And who could argue with that?! 

Importantly, despite its cultural observation, the Matt Fell produced track ultimately gives you a euphoric feeling about the celebration of Christmas. 

“I was inspired to write ‘Just Don't Mention Christmas’ after experiencing first-hand an event at one of my children's pre-schools where the school would not celebrate a Christmas concert, or sing Christmas carols, instead calling it the ‘End of Year Concert.’  Parents and my local Community were equally upset and in disbelief, that Christmas wasn't mentioned. Not even Santa Claus was mentioned,” he said.

‘Just Don’t Mention Christmas’ is available now via streaming and download services.