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Drive South

from the Drive South album.

Derani - ‘Drive South’

 South Australian Country Music Artist Derani is a true country girl at heart who loves the simple country life.  Raised in the small country town of Balaklava in South

Australia, just north of Adelaide, Derani is at home performing traditional or modern country songs.

 Derani’s lead-out single ‘Drive South’ is the title track lifted from her new solo album.

“‘Drive South’ was written in late 2018 after a failed short term relationship with a cattle farmer from the southern part of South Australia. Long distance relationships are very hard and a 5 hour drive each way certainly made it complicated.  However the excitement I had every time I jumped in the car to make the trip, the peace I felt within and the love we shared when I arrived, felt real and enough to last the test of time.

Although it wasn’t enough, the memory and friendship that we still have will last a lifetime. This song is a reflection of that time and the friendships made.”