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Painting Me

from the album.

Carrot Bowen & The Collective – Painting Me

PAINTING ME is an upbeat, toe tapping song that will get you up on the dance floor.

The song is written by Carrot about the changes he has experienced up to this point in life. In 2018 he got married and then not long after his wife fell pregnant to their first child together, in which they had a baby girl named Molly earlier this year (song written & recorded and to be released later on). 

It also goes into the changes he has experienced as he has got older. From being someone who was running around playing sport each weekend to now singing on weekends. As he has gotten older, he also feels that things that might have worried him when he was younger no longer make him feel that way and no longer worries him.

The song asks listeners to embrace change as they get older and just go out and have a go at things and enjoy life.