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How 'Bout This Weather

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Justin Landers – How ‘Bout This Weather

The latest single from Justin Landers, ‘How ‘Bout This Weather’ is the second single to be lifted from Justin’s upcoming album, which is currently a work in progress, and is being produced and recorded with Simon Johnson of Hillbilly Hut Records. The album is expected to be released sometime in 2020. 

‘How ‘Bout This Weather’ is an original song written by Justin Landers about an ex-couple awkwardly meeting in the street after a relationship break-up. However, the inspiration for ‘How ‘Bout This Weather’ originated from an embarrassing event involving a girl that Justin was fond of from his school years. One day he managed to gather the nerve to ask her out on a date only to find out later that she already had a boyfriend. Justin intimates “It was embarrassing...and the only civil thing to talk about is the weather.”