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Captian Moonlight

from the The Reason album.


Peter Dawson – Captain Moonlight


Peter ’Smokie’ Dawson is a singer / songwriter who with his unique and traditional style of music has been touring, recording and performing at various festivals and country shows across Australia.


A country boy at heart Peter has channeled his experiences through his song writing with the release of his first EP “Thats what country boys do”. This Album led him to his second release album ‘All the rivers in-between’, produced by Paris McCloud at Diamond Valley Studio’s, he is extremely proud of these album’s and has had the privilege of the very talented, Phil Emanuel’ playing on one of his trucking songs.


Peter has been busy touring and performing at various festivals and events such as ‘The lights on the Hill Memorial’ in Gatton, ‘The Slim Dusty memorial show’ in Kempsy and Music in the Mulga just to mention a few.


Peter has been recognized and awarded for his work such as the Slim Dusty memorial song awards in 2014, 2015, 2016 and 2017 and the Stan Coster song writer award in 2015.


Peter has just completed his third album entitled “The Reason, which he recorded at Kross Cut Records with Lindsay Waddington, which has just been released.


Peter has strong connections to Tamworth and his love of Country music and this land are what inspires him to write.

His First release from his latest album” The Reason” entitled “Stanley and Slim” has been nominated in the Peoples Choice Awards and The Stan Coster Memorial Awards for 2020

This second release, Captain Moonlight, draws inspiration from our historical bushrangers ,Captain Moonlight being one of these characters who was executed on the 20th January 1880.


His Albums can be purchased via his Facebook page Peter Smokie Dawson (Smokie Pete), you can also follow him on FB to see where he will be performing next.