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Just Still Letting Go

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Gary Anderson – Just Still Letting Go

This song “Just Still Letting Go” is a song that tells the story about a guy who is struggling with a relationship break up and is no rush to just let it all go quickly, hoping that it may rekindle.

His friends being concerned about him, encourage him to move on and also urge him to get back to reality, as they feel it's been long enough since the break-up, and they try to convince him that it's all over. However, he staunchly defends his position and admits he is thinking that if he takes his time, she may just change her mind, but he certainly won't make a move, until he hears from her. He cleverly hammers his reasonings and feelings home at the end of the song.

Written By: Steven McClintock (US Top 40 Billboard Songwriter and producer), and Scarlett Keys (full-time professor of songwriting at Berklee College of Music and former staff songwriter for Warner/Chappell Music).