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Brad Johns - Tailgating

I wanted a good time song that people could party and dance to!

This song was inspired by my time in the U.S. when I was introduced to the culture of “tailgating” which is basically a popular form of people initiating good times at major events such as NFL games and large stadium concerts to create their own fun and entertainment outside the major venues usually in the car park before the main event inside.

Car parks become full of people rolling up in their vehicles and opening up their tailgates to set up barbecues cooking ribs, steaks, and esky’s (ice-boxes) full of booze, drinks and the like. The party begins in the car park! They play games, eat food and drink to have a good time!

(It’s not a song about driving closely behind the vehicle in front of you to encourage them to speed up!)

It’s all about the party!