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Too Young To Worry Then (Too Old To Worry Now)

from the Missing You album.

Billy Dettmer (with Mike Rudd and Greg Champion)

Too Young To Worry Then (Too Old To Worry Now)

Album ‘Missing You’

The album itself tells a story and takes you on a journey.  Listened to from start to finish, ‘Missing You’ reveals many secrets.  This particular track is the old man looking back, reflecting.  It contains the refrain from Woody Guthrie’s Worried Man Blues – ‘It takes a worried man to sing a worried song’.  The song is Billy telling himself that it’s ok now, after a life of turmoil and is both a tribute to one of the great folk/roots heroes (Woody) and to Australia’s own Slim Dusty ‘Looking Forward Looking Back’.  It takes Billy back to his own roots in music back in the 60’s with the Victoria Banjo Club.  The song features Mike Rudd (Spectrum) and Greg Champion on vocals.  Billy plays all the guitar parts.