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Who Was The Dancing Man

from the Highways album.

Shelly Jones Band – Who Was The Dancing Man

WHO WAS THE DANCING MAN is the latest single release from husband and wife duo, the SHELLY JONES BAND. This original song tells the story of the Dancing Man, one of Australia’s most famous images of the jubilant celebrations at the end of the Second World War. His iconic pirouette dance in a tickertape parade in Sydney was captured on motion picture and has since been replayed countless times. This famous newsreel footage of the dancing man has come to encapsulate the uplifting spirit felt by all of Australia when peace was declared on 15 August 1945 (14 August 1945 in the America’s and Europe). Over the years the mystery of the Dancing Man’s identity has grown. Even to this day, there is much dispute over his identity with at one stage up to 11 men claiming to be him. We may never know!

WHO WAS THE DANCING MAN is from the album HIGHWAYS which is available on all digital platforms or via the official SHELLY JONES BAND website: