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A Simple Plan

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Brittany Elise – A Simple Plan

A Simple Plan’ was written about Mr. Keith Payne, Australian Victoria Cross recipient. Having had the honour to perform the song at his Civic Reception in Queensland, to mark the 50th anniversary of his action in Kon Tum Province Vietnam, Brittany Elise recorded the song and released it as a tribute to the Victoria Cross Winner.

 Speaking about the song, Brittany Elise states that “In 2010, I was given the opportunity to conduct a research investigation on a topic of my choice for a school assessment. Keith Payne’s story of courage, loyalty and above and beyond bravery for our country couldn’t go untold.”

 “Whilst wounded and under heavy fire, Keith searched for isolated and wounded diggers, which he rescued 40. Although he couldn’t save all his men, in 2010 he went back to the battlefield to locate the last of the soldiers who were posted as ‘Missing in Action’– in particular Staff Sergeant Anastacio Monty’ Montez.

 I’m incredibly proud to know Keith, to celebrate him and have him as a role model for the young people of Australia” Brittany Elise said.