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Long Time Coming

from the Everyone Has A Story album.

Lloyd Back – Long Time Coming

Lloyd wrote “Long Time Coming” as a reminder that, sometimes, our dreams and ambitions can be exactly that, a long time in coming to fruition. But the important thing is to never give up, keep dreaming and pursuing those dreams, because you never know how close you may be to it all coming together.

To date Lloyd has five recordings, all produced by Lindsay Waddington and the Kross Kut Records label, and with a new album under way and due for release late 2020.

The most recent album, "Everyone Has a Story" has been extremely well received, with the first three single releases all reaching Top 10 in the Country Songs Top 40 Australian Airplay Chart.

It was a huge honour for Lloyd to learn the album was awarded a 2020 Traditional Country Music Awards of Australia Album of the Year award at the Tamworth Country Music Festival. At TCMF Lloyd was also very honoured to receive a 2019 Gold Medallion Media Award for Male Vocalist of the Year and National Male Artist of the Year.