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from the Uncle Donny Is Back! album.

Donny Richmond - Squeegee 


Donny Richmond wrote the words, music and produced the quite fun recording of "Squeegee".

A very enjoyable Line Dance to the song has been written by renowned U.K. choreographer Gaye Teather and has already become quite popular on the line dance circuit internationally. "Squeegee" by Donny Richmond has charted at #1 on the international Airplay Express Charts.                                                                            

Donny is deeply respected among his music peers, and has appeared alongside Garth Brooks, Dolly Parton, Willie Nelson, Loretta Lynn, to name a few. He is said to be among the most "gregarious" in the business.

In the U.S., Donny has received a long list of awards including Artist Of The Decade, Entertainer Of The Decade, The Living Legend Award, and numerous accolades in categories including Male Vocalist Of the Year, Songwriter, Producer, and Top TV Host.

Donny has a deep desire to spend time in Australia, the land he has heard so many wonderful things about. Along with a new movie and TV series in the works, Donny's 2020 schedule will include a tour of Australia.