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Old Times

from the Small Town Tales album.

Watling & Bates are songwriters from Unumgar NSW, raconteurs of contemporary rural Australia and revivalists of the country’s past. Their songs move like a will-o-the-wisp between Australiana and Americana, Gothic country and dark folk, hillbilly and honkytonk.

Their new single Old Times harkens back to the days when families played music together, made the best of what they had, and gathered around the radio for the latest news.  The rooster call sets the scene for an oldtime hoedown, filled with memories and characters from the golden years of county music.

This foot-stomping, happy tune is keenly relevant to these current times, as modern-day folk inadvertently rediscover the ordinary joys of a simple life.

Old Times is featured on Watling & BatesSmall Town Tales album, produced by Thor Phillips.