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This Ain't Pretty

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Anita Spring – This Ain’t Pretty

"I'm so proud to be sharing my new song with you! "This ain't pretty" is the first release of new material I've written and produced over the last two years, a true labour of love. In a climate that is incredibly uncertain right now, I think my song sheds some reflection on relationships and how hard this time may be for couples, families and for those at home alone. In times of crisis, organisations like Lifeline Australia are there to help so always reach out if you need to... 

This song has worked it's way right across the globe to get to this end result. Vocals recorded in Sydney with the brilliant David Hemming (aka Chunky Dave), music recorded in London by the amazingly talented Steve-Welton Jaimes and his amazingly talented brother Mark Jaimes, mixed in NYC by the incomparable Pete Keppler (David Bowie/ David Byrne/ Katy Perry/ Bonnie Raitt) and mastered in Melbourne by the one and only Tony Jack Mantz.

I must also say a massive thanks to my dear friend Byron Tart who is the male actor in the video! Not only did he do a stellar job as an actor (wait to see his performance and who knew!) but he also co-directed the video with me and helped with all production elements. I'm sure you will appreciate the efforts here. Sending enormous amounts of love to you all, I hope you enjoy "This ain't pretty". Love Anita xx❤️"