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Just A Little Talk With Jesus

from the Thank You Precious Lord album.

Kerrigan La-Brooy – Just A Little Talk With Jesus

‘Just A Little Talk With Jesus’ is the 1st Single and the 9th Track off

Kerrigan La-Brooy’s Debut Gospel Album, ‘Thank You Precious Lord’.

Returning to the recording studio after almost 20 years, Kerrigan chose to leave some songs stripped back. “What you hear is what came out in my 1st take,” Kerrigan reveals. “I believe it’s important to bring a live element to the studio and sometimes it’s best to leave the vocals uncontrived.”

 This is one such track where Kerrigan’s contagious buoyancy is cheekily evident, and he even adds a touch of yodelling. Kerrigan is rapt to be singing to you again and appreciates you taking the time to listen.