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We Are Family

from the Better Day album.

Carter & Carter – We Are Family

At a time when we are all realising how important the ones closest to us are, Carter & Carter release their new single - ‘We Are Family’ – a song that echoes those thoughts exactly.

 "Family has always been at the centre of who we are. It is not just our flesh and blood, it is those people who walk with us on our life journey, sharing the good and the hard times, and everything in between.  Family are those people who you can rely on, call on and even if you don't see them for ages, you can pick up where you left off.  Our lives are richer because we have a wonderful, wide spread 'family' and this song celebrates all those interconnecting relationships that bring us together.'  Carter & Carter

‘We Are Family’ is from their album ‘Better Day’, which took out three prestigious awards at the 2019 Australian Independent Country Music Awards in October. With this singles release, Carter & Carter continue to do what they do best – make music that makes a difference.