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Dance On

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Tony Smith – Dance On

Tony Smith’s return to country music is a welcome one.

With songs that echo the spirit of John Williamson, Tony delivers the story of his life and the people around him in songs he crafts himself. His return comes with the new single ‘Dance On’.

“I was working in W.A driving trucks when this gem popped into my head on a long trip from Newman to Cape Preston “They Danced Off Into Their Lives”  rattled around in my head for hours and gradually became a song about the longevity of true love.” Tony Smith

Tony Smith has never truly left music with James Blundell recording his song “Shearer” on his Portrait Of A Man CD and more recently being part of the ABC series ‘The Recording Studio’ where he recorded a tribute to his father with Golden Guitar winning producer Matt Fell. With a new album due for release at the Tamworth Festival in 2021, ‘Dance On’ is a great sample of the rich tapestry of songs to come, and a most welcome return.