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I will Rise

from the It's Never Too Late album.

Robert Ross - I Will Rise

The song “I Will Rise” is an empowering song that touches at the heart of all of life’s challenges.  Domestic violence and abuse does not discriminate and everyone is susceptible, be it man, woman, young or old.  It knows no boundaries when it comes to race, colour, beliefs, or challenges.  “I Will Rise” sends a strong message that no matter what your current situation is, or has happened in your life, you and I will rise above it all. 

Singer songwriter Robert Ross was born in New Brunswick, Canada.  He moved to Australia in 2009 and became an Australian Citizen in 2014.

Immensely popular in the Cairns region while performing live for many audiences over the years.  He has also entertained throughout Australia, and internationally in Nashville, USA and Canada.