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Lyin' Cheatin' Heart

from the Young At Heart album.

Vanessa Bourne – Lyin’ Cheatin’ Heart

In March 2020, Vanessa Bourne signed with Black Ribbon Records in Nashville, Tennessee and has just released her brand new album YOUNG AT HEART on the 21st of May 2020.  This is her first album release with 12 new songs and Lyin’ Cheatin’ Heart is the first song release on radio off the album.

Lyin’ Cheatin’ Heart is written by Vanessa Bourne & John Castleberry.  It is a upbeat, Honky-tonk traditional Country music song straight out of Nashville.  The musicians backing her are big names like Tommy White, Wanda Vick, Dennis Holt and many more that are part of the backing band at the Grand Ole Opry in Nashville.

Like many other artists Vanessa was hit by the lockdown and all her shows were cancelled for this year due to the standstill of the music industry.  She looks towards radio presenters for support by playing her news song off the album.  She is always thankful to the radio presenters for all the support they have given here in the 2 years and prays everyone is safe and is optimistic about the COVID-19 situation and hopes the world heals soon.