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Inner Outlaw

from the Inner Outlaw album.

Rory Ellis – Inner Outlaw

You know the feeling!

Someone tore your heart out, did wrong by your good self,

took you for a ride, ripped you off, stole your car.

Talk’s cheap, and all you really want to do is summon

that inner demon to even the score.

The old fashioned way.

A touch of Wild West justice, Josey Wales meets Blazing Saddles in style.

Rory Ellis’ new single Inner Outlaw is a cheeky, yet humorous view at what

often crosses our minds in this dog eat dog world. Yet, would never dream of carrying out. 

A little bit of sweet and sour country blues to make you laugh and take you back to the day

when an eye for an eye was to be expected, and you reaped just what you sowed.