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I Live For Today

from the I Live For Today album.

Jodi Vaughan – I Live For Today

Jodi Vaughan is excited to announce the release of her new single ‘I Live For Today’. Her new song leaves her previous top #10 single ‘You Look Silly Cryin’ in her wake, as she writes and records prolifically, and lives in the moment.

“I have always been a “My cup’s half FULL“  kind-a-girl.  I remember I have always told people, “I don’t have dreams. My dreams are realities that just haven’t happened yet”. I really LIVE by the lyrics of this song and so really love to sing it and hope it resonates with people.  I love writing songs that are not just a story but have a message as well. Sometimes people will take more notice of song lyrics rather than listen to someone talk.  I think this could be a subliminal message. On this version I have added banjo and dobro, firstly because these are my favourite instruments and secondly, they are a true country sound.  If I could make it more country I would.”