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The Pearly Gates Bridge

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Warren Kearney - The Pearly Gates Bridge

Traditional Country Artist Warren Kearney teams up with Award Winning Storyteller & Lyricist Lola Brinton to bring you this country gem ‘The Pearly Gates Bridge’.

Lola reflects, “This song was inspired by the memory of seeing two pennies being placed on my Grandfather’s eyes after he passed away.  Someone said it was to keep his eyes closed, but later on my Grandmother told me about the Ferryman. I think of the Two Pennies as representing a decent, caring life and if one day you can’t make the change for the Ferryman, you should go searching and hopefully find the backdoor to Heaven. Some years ago when I crossed the Pearly Gates Bridge on Crawney Road Nundle on the way to the DAG for a songwriting retreat, the thought came to me that this could be the backdoor to Heaven, and the idea for this song was born.

Warren has a great mature storytelling voice for a song such as The Pearly Gates Bridge and the melody he composed is a perfect fit.”