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Cold Wind (Radio Mix)

from the Caught In The Middle album.

Song Description

A reflective, soulful song written by Kay Bidstrup (GANGgajang) while mourning the loss of a friend. Aly Cooks’ heartfelt delivery is wonderfully supported by understated keyboards from Rick Melick and backing vocals from Cook, Graham & Kay Bidstrup and artist L'Freaq. Cold wind was recorded at Rick Melick's Reel Time Studio and Mixed & Produced by Graham Bidstrup (Buzz) at Asquith studios. 

Song Credits

Written by Kay Bidstrup

Lead Vocal Aly Cook
Piano Rick Melick
Backing Vocals's Aly, Kay and Buzz Bidstrup, L'Freaq and Rick Melick
Recorded by Rick Melick at Reeltime
Mixed at Asquith by Buzz Bidstrup.
Produced by Graham Buzz Bidstrup