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Camel Up Earlston Said

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Kylie Adams-Collier – Camel Up Earlston Said

‘Camel up,' Earlston said as he took a big swig of water. ‘What’s Camel up?’ Kylie asked.

‘Haven’t you heard of camel up? Have a big drink of water!’ Earlston replied.

With a day to spare around Kylie's South Australian tour, local country music fan, Earlston, took her sightseeing around the Barossa Valley. Their day out included eating lavender ice-cream, tasting fine wine, visiting special places and Earlston sharing his stories.

She was so impressed by her Barossa Valley experience, it’s history and gentle landscape that she penned a poem 'Melaleuca's and Wine' at day's end, paying homage to her father’s nickname ‘Melaleuca Mel ‘ who is always with her in spirit.

Kylie later re -wrote her poem into a colourful ballad and renamed it. Produced by Lindsay Waddington on Kross Kut Records, Kylie's latest single features Lindsay Waddington, Hugh Curtis and Michel Rose. This is Kylie's first recording since her multi -award winning 'Little Stone' album and captures the listeners imagination in the first few bars with her soaring unique vocals and delightful melody.

Inter-woven with traditional country music instruments including tremolo guitar, fiddle, mandolin and steel, this lyrical ballad sets the scene of the Barossa Valley.

‘Camel up!’