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Terry Ann Maxwell - Landslide

Terry Ann Maxwell has brought this famous song to life, placing her own stamp on a superb track that showcases the talents of this fine female country artist.

As Terry Ann explains about her new single to radio, Landslide, “I believe everyone can identify with the lyrics of Landslide - relationships we get caught up in, good or bad - the change of everything as we get older, reflecting on life, love and how in a single moment, anything can happen.

You can get caught in this and can be changed forever, whether you want to or not. It’s like dominos - one single thing hits another and so on…like the Landslide.”

Born to American parents on a US Air Force Base in Fukuoka, Japan, Terry Ann developed her first taste of Country Music sitting on the lap of her Air Force Major Father, listening to the US Forces radio station broadcasts.

Her love of Country Music is as strong today as it has ever been with Landslide sure to bring the name of Terry Ann Maxwell to a whole new endearing audience.