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A Farmer's Lullaby

from the A Farmer's Lullaby album.

Cathy Dobson - A farmer’s lullaby

Cathy Dobson is a multi-award winning songwriter based in Melbourne.

With 3 albums behind her she is releasing new music in a an EP format of 5 songs this year.

The first single release is the title song from the EP, “A farmer’s lullaby” which won the Basin Music Festival’s Songwriting Competition in March/April of this year-2020.

Recorded and produced with Damian Cafarella and Lachlan Bryan at EOR studios Melbourne

It’s a song initially inspired by the sound that so many love-the sound of rain falling on a tin roof and the way it can lull you off to sleep.  It’s also a song where listeners can join in with the chorus.

When Allan Caswell first heard the song at one of his workshops, he said that “It was the best drought song not about a drought that he’d ever heard- great words of encouragement.

Cathy is hoping the full CD will be available by the end of the year.