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Wondering About My Time

from the Small Town Tales album.

Watling & Bates – Wondering About My Time

Enigmatic, quirky, and naturally reclusive, Watling & Bates are Australia’s undisputed first couple of old-time Gothic hillbilly honkytonk.

It’s 2020 and the world we knew has been replaced by a flat-pack version with screws loose and parts missing.

What should you do when your dreams are spent?  Will you be remembered for the things you have not done?  Plenty of questions with no answers for a life that’s not quite going to plan.

Thor Phillips pits a full-house of Dobro against Christopher Ridgway‘s hand of chicken-pickin’ guitar. Watling crashes the saloon with a harmonica while Bates keeps a safe distance and thoughtfully nurses his beer.

Wondering About My Time is from the duo’s Small Town Tales album, produced by Thor Phillips