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Long Road

from the X.X. album.

Pete Obrien – Long Road

‘’ Long Road’’ is the second Release from this year’s Double Album ‘X.X.’

With the effect of Covid19 Pete had to slow down on the Releases from the ‘X.X.’ Album, as with all Professional Musicians with Venues and Tours have been Extremely Restricted.

The first single from the album called ‘Son of Mine’ experienced success Charting on Various Charts in Australia and played on U.S. Radio.

Now Pete has wheels in Motion for the Release of ‘Long Road.’

‘Long Road ‘is the story we have all experienced in our life’s Journey.

Your Long Road could be of Work, Health, or The Aussie Dream.

The song has the power to adapt to everyone’s Different Situation.

Sometimes Life can seem to be a Long Road, but through this song Pete expresses the Never Give Up Spirit.