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Gambling While You're Drinking

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James Stewart Keene – Gambling While You’re Drinking

James Stewart Keene returns to radio with another exciting single Gambling While You’re Drinking.
Co-written with Golden Guitar winning songwriter Allan Caswell, James continues to show his talents as a fine songwriter and artist with this catchy, progressive bluegrass ditty.
Inspired by scenes from the ‘Sherbrooke Down’ feature film which James is currently writing and producing, there is no doubt that audiences will connect with this cautionary tale about Australia’s favorite and traditional pastime of “Two-Up”.
Anyone who has ever come home empty-handed after ANZAC Day will know all too well about that!
The clever and infectious song is a follow up to James’ successful collaboration with Australian country music legends The Bushwackers and their 2019 Top 10 radio hit “Stroke of the Governments’ Pen”.
It’s clear that James’ new sound is certainly hitting all the right chords.