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Dirt Kids

from the Stir The Embers (To Be Released in 2021) album.

Tony Smith – Dirt Kids

Tony Smith follows up the success of his single ‘Dance On’ which charted Nationally around Australia peaking at #15 on the Country Songs Top 40 and #8 on the Tasmanian Top 40, with a new lively single called ‘Dirt Kids’ from his upcoming ‘Stir The Embers’ album release, due for 2021.

‘Dirt Kids’ is an uptempo bluegrass style song all about kids living on the land.

In Tony’s own words - ‘ On most farms there is one, two or more of these little critters to be found, kids who want to take over the world one farm chore at a time. Covered in dirt from daylight to dusk, the dirt kids are why we get up every morning.”

‘Dirt Kids’ is sure to make you smile and ensure Tony Smith continues to have hits across the country leading up to his new album release in Tamworth 2021.