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Shoulder At The Wheel

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Donna Fisk – Shoulder At The Wheel

"Shoulder At The Wheel" is the debut single from Donna Fisk's forthcoming highly anticipated album. Produced by Robert Angello, Nashville, TN Imagery by 'Cloud 9 Creative'

From a small town in Trentham, Victoria, Australia came the idea of helping "the forgotten" farmers and community of Lake Cargelligo.

Acclaimed artist Rose Wilson (Archibald Portrait prize finalist) along with her co-artists of "The Little Gallery", in Trentham, hosted an art raffle of their work to purchase hay for the farmers in drought.
So the idea to take the hay directly (Farmer to Farmer) with music and art thrown into the mix was formed,
Rose had recently caught up with an old school friend Janene, who happened to live in Lake Cargelligo, right in the centre of drought affected country.
Janene became the imperative coordinator at Lake Cargelligo.

Trucker brothers Big Al, Little Jimmy, Big Jo Dickerson & the spirit of Big Rob Dickerson/ phantom 309, put their hands up to deliver hay straight to the source. The generosity and human kindness grew when Leo 'Ned' Kelly (who gave his own hay all the way from Edenhope,Victoria) Andy Witkiss (Mansfield, Victoria) and generational farmer Ross Hanson joined to become our "Magnificent 7" selfless Truckers delivering ten loads of hay!

The convoy grew unprecedented momentum. Rose who often uses rural subject matter in her work was sparked to start painting farmer portraits from pictures Janene had sent from the perfect casting place where she works, the local stock and station agent in Lake Cargelligo.

The creative minds gathered together determined to bring not only Hay but extra joy, and so celebrated fellow artist Daniel Butterworth joined the party! Daniel having a string to his bow of fast portrait style came up with 17 Lake Cargelligo farmer portraits, it created such a buzz, soon offers to purchase the works came flooding in. Daniel generously donated all proceeds to the cause!

Long time friend Country Music Star 'Donna Fisk', threw her hat in the ring to help organize, coordinate and go sing a few tunes for the folks!

So what more fitting theme song for the HAY RUN than "SHOULDER AT THE WHEEL!"