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from the Erosion album.

Emma Jene - Alone

Written by Brad Butcher & Lola Brinton

The idea for Alone came to Lola after reading a short story about clinging to

the remnants of a relationship. The pain of rejection and solitude with

only the memories of promises made and broken.

The heartbreaking acceptance of the realisation that he’ll only miss me when he wakes and reaches for my body and finds himself alone.

Brad is an amazing songwriter/singer and when he and Lola got together at

The DAG the song quickly came together. Emma Jene’s performance of the song

under the direction of Angus Gill who produced and recorded the album is perfect.

“Emma Jene is a wonderful singer and performer – she sings with heart and emotion, and you feel every word she sings. Not only that, she’s a delight as a person!” – 4 x Golden Guitar Winner Amber Lawrence.