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Malabar Mansion

from the The Balladeers Vol22 ABBA Compilation Album album.

Dale Duncan & The Balladeer All Stars - Malabar Mansion

Happy 40th Malabar Mansion.

Dale Duncan wanted to wish his father “happy birthday” in a special way, a recording of his song “Malabar Mansion” collaborated with an amazing group of artists including;

Gordon Parsons (who originally recorded and released Malabar Mansion in 1982), Allan Caswell, Anita Ree, Brian Howard, Caitlyn Jamieson, Dale Duncan, Dean Perrett, Dianne Lindsay, Ernie Constance, Evan Platschinda, Ged Hintz, Graham Rodger, Jeff Brown, John O’Dea, John Smith, Johnny Greenwood, Keith Jamieson, Ken Lindsay, Kylie Castle, Lynette Guest, Patti Morgan, Peter Coad, Peter Simpson, Peter Smith, Ray Essery, Reg Poole, Rex Dallas, Sharon Heaslip, Steve Newton, Stuie French, Terry Bennetts, Terry Gordon, Tom Maxwell, Tracy Coster, Trudy Hintz, Virginia Coad.

Musicians included Eamon McLoughlin, Greg Stock, Joe Reed, Rory Hoffman & Stuie French.

Recording studio’s – Enrec Studio Tamworth, Fat Track Studio Tamworth, Kross Kut Records Gold Coast & Swingin’ Doors Studio Nashville.

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