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Forever And A Day

from the One Girl Band 25 Years album.

Vanessa Delaine – Forever And A Day

In December 2019 Vanessa decided to release her first album in 2020. Celebrating 25 years since she wrote and recorded the album ‘One Girl Band 25 Years’ and its companion album ‘The 1995 Sessions’

The third Track ‘Forever and a Day’ is a lively, easy listening song with assurances that their love will last forever and a day.

‘Forever and a Day’ is track #3 on the ‘One Girl Band 25 Years’ Album and a bonus acoustic mix of the song is also on ‘The 1995 Sessions’ companion album. All instruments played by producer Glenn Langford. Recorded in Sydney in 1995 and remastered by Glenn Langford in 2020.

‘Forever and a Day’ is an absolute favourite of mine on the album and I was delighted when it was awarded Equal Third in the Tamworth Songwriters Awards (Lachlan Branch 1996) and a semi-finalist in the Tamworth National Song-writing Contest 1996 says Vanessa.

Forever and a Day (released Diamondback Records USA 1 June/July 2020, Australian release Key2Promo/CRS/OZCMR September 2020)