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The Bush Is Still The Same

from the The LBS Country Collection Volume 25 album.

Shaza Leigh – The Bush Is Still The Same

2020 has been an extraordinary year! A year to forget but a year destined to be remembered. During lockdown on the Butler’s property, LBS MusicLand, Shaza Leigh has masterfully written and recorded ‘The Bush Is Still The Same’ from her personal observations of an unaffected bushland whilst humanity battles world wide chaos.

Whilst the world is changing
The Bush is still the same
When they’re out there fighting
Peace in the bush remains
Mother Earth is crying
In blood her soil is stained
Life is ever changing
The Bush is still the same


Shaza Leigh is undisputedly one of this nations most prolific songwriters and renowned female recording artists, constantly reinforcing her well earned title as ‘Australia’s First Lady Of Song’.