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Mt Scoria

from the LBS Country Collection Volume 25 album.

Ashley Cook – Mt Scoria

Ashley is one of Australia’s premier bush balladeers. He walks a path of undisputed authenticity due to the fact that he lives the life he sings about. His cattle property in Thangool, central Qld, borders the boundary of Mount Scoria. This unique tourist attraction is a core of a Volcano, one of only three in the world.
Mount Scoria is especially important to the region’s indigenous population. The Gaangalu People
consider Mount Scoria to be culturally significant and a short walking trail tells their cultural
The small volcanic mountain features unusual basalt columns. These were the result of lava cooling and forming pillars with five to eight sides called columnar. If you listen closely when its windy, you can hear the wind whistling through the pillars, like they’re playing music.