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A Fortunate Life

from the A Fortunate Life album.

Terry Bennetts - A Fortunate Life

My new album ‘A Fortunate Life’ was released in June and ‘A fortunate Life’ is my latest single from the Album following on from the successful ‘Welcome to Australia’ release.

It is a song about Albert Facey, an ordinary West Aussie who lived an extraordinary life. Born in the late 1800s he endured untold hardships growing up in the bush, then was one of the first Diggers to land at Gallipoli and fought there for many months before being seriously injured and sent back to Australia.

His battles didn’t end there with trying to raise a family with ongoing war wound problems and was then forced off the land during the Great Depression. In his eighties he put pen to paper and wrote his book ‘A Fortunate Life’ to immediate critical acclaim and his story was then made into a TV Mini Series.

There is a Stage play of the same name currently touring Australia.